Labor law, employee, Corona, Corona app, sick note

Labor law, employee, Corona, Corona app, sick note

As an employee, can I stay home if the Corona app indicates an elevated risk?

The answer here is: No. However, it is a good idea to contact your employer as soon as the Corona app indicates an increased risk. Of course, you should immediately get tested by your trusted doctor.

Since March of this year, many employers have issued internal operating instructions, guidelines for action and, if necessary, company agreements to regulate the handling of the Corona virus. Many employers are very accommodating in the event of an increased risk and immediately allow work in the home office. However, care must always be taken, because an unexcused absence from work can result in a warning and possibly even termination without notice.

However, there are also cases in which the operating instructions are not clear. to avoid disputes with the employer, the employer should in any case be contacted immediately if infection is suspected.

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