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Mass layoffs at Karstadt, Kaufhof and Real.
Up to 50% of the workforce loses their jobs!
Are you also affected by this?

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Galeria Kaufhof, Karstadt and Real take refuge in the Corona crisis!

Already in the past provided Waves of cancellations to existential hardships with Female employees and Employees

The Employees are used in the event of imminent Insolvency of the Employer completely abandoned.

"Particularly with regard to the labor law process of plant closings or retail bankruptcies and the resulting layoffs of workers in large numbers, it has become apparent that those who have waited the longest are usually alone." 

- Attorney at law Patrick Baumfalk

Termination because of Corona

Galeria Kaufhof, Karstadt and Real are not isolated cases...

portrait one sad man standing near a window ZSYV7H8cropped Baumfalk Law Office Attorney for Labor Law, IT Law, Data Protection Law and Intellectual Property Law in Kerpen, Cologne and Witten

Don't be afraid of taking legal action against dismissal!

"Far too few employees exercise their right in such an extreme case.

The example of the former Schlecker employees clearly shows that even in such a precarious situation there is still a chance of success.

However, you must contact a lawyer in good time to represent you in this case. Because the example of Schlecker also shows that only 4.500 the 23.000 terminated employees, a Legal action against dismissal submitted."

- Attorney at law Patrick Baumfalk

Waves of layoffs are imminent

When social plans are agreed between works councils and management in the event of Mass terminations the results found are usually sold as "great throws" of the workforce.

At the same time, many forget that these Social plans for the most part not The company's personnel or the individual branches are included in the consolidated financial statements on a scheduled and calculated basis. Insolvency be driven.

Ultimately, the Employees then in front of a large Shambles. With the salary of the good years, everything is finally paid off.

Already with insolvencies and Insolvency as, for example, at Schlecker or the Mass terminations in the automotive industry, the Employees fully abandoned.

Mass layoffs in order to preserve the capital of shareholders and investment companies are the order of the day. In most cases, it is precisely these companies that are represented by large law firms, which Gaps at Labor law search so that the money of the owners is spared.

No one thanks the terminated Female employees and Employeeswho have worked for the success of the company for decades.


We fight for your employee rights!

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Marvin mouse
Owner - Accounting and office service Marvin Maus
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The lawyer I trust! Mr. Baumfalk is always a welcome guest in my office and, when asked for a good lawyer, I am always happy to recommend him to my clients. Quick response to questions, competent expertise and confident appearance. Just to mention three things that distinguish Mr. Baumfalk.
Christian L.
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Very friendly, processes are explained in an understandable way and are completed quickly.
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Very nice and dedicated, takes time and you are empathetically accepted as a person. Acts immediately and you are always informed. Thank you for the very great care. Very clear recommendation!

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