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Specialized in IT law issues, we conduct litigation for employees and employers before the courts in the Rhineland and the Ruhr region on a daily basis. In doing so, we are confronted with all kinds of IT law issues on a daily basis: Warning letters in connection with file sharing, warning letters due to faulty or incomplete imprints, general terms and conditions and data protection declarations, incomplete IT contracts, faulty user agreements, infringements of trademark law, infringements of copyright law and many other competition law issues, which often arise in connection with IT law, data protection law and industrial property law. However, we also write separate employment contracts for entrepreneurs and executives, for the area of IT law.

The first thing to be said about this area of law is that IT law is still a very young legal discipline and relates to many sub-areas of other areas of law. If one used to speak of so-called EDP law or even computer law, the focus today is on terms such as IT law, Internet law and multimedia law. However, these are not to be considered clearly separate from each other, because each of these legal areas can, depending on the case, be interpreted and used in a variety of ways with regard to the legal scope.

Today, the legal field of IT law is generally understood by the Internet as the main medium of the modern information society. Therefore, IT law is the legal field to which all legal issues concerning the Internet are assigned.

IT law also includes technical processes and developments such as software and apps. In these areas of law, we advise our clients on a daily basis as a law firm for IT law in Cologne, Kerpen - from individual employed or freelance programmers to established software producing, developing companies. Within the scope of our IT legal advice, we accompany you in your IT projects and sometimes also draft your contracts. In the event of a dispute, we also actively participate in contract negotiations with the other party in order to represent your interests in a legally secure and clear manner.

Basically, as a law firm for IT law in Cologne, Kerpen, we enforce your interests both out of court and in court, if necessary.

Your lawyer for IT law in Cologne, Kerpen,
Patrick Baumfalk

Attorney Baumfalk

Consulting fields of IT law

What all falls under IT law?

Your lawyer for IT law in Cologne, Kerpen

Our services in IT law and online law

As an IT law and intellectual property law firm, we represent our clients in the following areas of information technology law:

  • Internet law: Basic advice in online and internet law, legal support of eCommerce projects, especially online stores, review and drafting of general terms and conditions, terms of use and privacy statements according to the client's requirements, review of online presence according to DSGVO guidelines.
  • Labor law in IT: Protection of business secrets, Waiting clauses, occupational bans, non-solicitation bans.
  • IT Contract Law: Legal advice on the drafting of contracts at the personnel level (partnership agreements, managing director agreements, other contracts for employees), software development contracts, software licensing and user agreements, advice on all issues of legal protection of software.
  • IT Project Consulting: Ongoing consulting of complex IT projects, as well as the associated contract drafting and support of project-specific contract negotiations.
  • Data protection law: Data protection consulting and representation in all areas of data protection law (GDPR, warnings, liability, fines, other related penalties), trade secrets, protection of secrets in the company.
  • Outscourcing: Legal support for your outsourcing projects, from contract drafting and contract negotiations to defining individual service agreements.
  • Computer and online Criminal Law: Legal advice, extrajudicial and procedural representation in cases of accusation of Internet and computer crime.
  • Domain law: Examination of all industrial property rights, in particular those of trademarks and copyrights, domains and their marking, as well as legal advice and representation in the event of pre-existing claims and disputes.

Your lawyer for IT law in Cologne, Kerpen

Legal advice on IT projects

Your lawyer for IT law in Cologne, Kerpen

Our project-related IT legal advice

As part of our day-to-day project consulting in IT law, we regularly deal with a variety of legal issues on which we can advise you in a profitable and risk-minimizing manner, taking into account the early involvement in the project. Our goal is to eliminate legal pitfalls and associated cost-intensive disputes at an early stage. The most frequently asked questions in connection with planned or already started IT projects include:

  • The project process and methodology.
  • The structure of a correct specification or requirement specification.
  • The question of who is liable for what and to what extent.
  • What about licenses or usage rights associated with the project.
  • Liability and licensing issues related to "Open Scource" projects.
  • Acts of cooperation and obligations to cooperate on the part of the client.
  • Questions regarding maintenance and support models related to the software or associated services.

Your lawyer for IT law in Cologne, Kerpen,
Patrick Baumfalk

Attorney Baumfalk