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The Law between employee and employer is probably by far the most important and everyday area of law for many companies and private individuals. German and European labor law is characterized by the multitude and complexity of legal regulations and issues.

Whether or not the submission of a Legal action against dismissal, the defense against a warning or in the enforcement of wage claims as well as the enforcement of a fair severance payment - we are competently at your side.

Our expertise in labor law & protection against dismissal

Fields of law, labor law, criminal law, IT law, data protection law

Minimum wage

Employee posting

Collective agreements


Employee leasing

Part-time and fixed-term contracts

Continuation of remuneration

Vacation entitlements and compensation

Working time

Workplace protection

Vocational training

Occupational safety and health

Operating and service agreements

General equal treatment

Employment reference

The legally effective representation in the case of termination by the lawyer

Common mistakes of the employee in labor law

Many employees and employers significantly underestimate the legal field of employment law. Especially in this fast-moving area of law, which is dominated by case law, it is essential to know the case law relevant to this area of law. Ignorance in a field of law usually leads to a high risk, which can be avoided by hiring a lawyer specialized in this field of law.

In the event of termination by the employer, many employees fail to file an action for protection against dismissal in good time or find themselves intimidated into doing so without checking its effectiveness.

The action for protection against dismissal must also be filed within certain deadlines with the labor court, which reviews it for legally relevant grounds for invalidity and social justification.

In most cases, such proceedings end in a settlement and an amicable termination of the employment relationship through the payment of a lavish severance package.

Especially in this case, the employee should not do this on his own, because without the representation of an attorney for labor law, he risks losing the proceedings due to many legal pitfalls. Many employees have already lost due to avoidable formal errors.

It must be remembered that the employer is also usually represented by a lawyer in court. In this case, it is better for the employee to hire a lawyer who will examine his case in detail, advise him on his next actions and represent him effectively before the labor court.

IT Law & Data Protection Law

Fields of law, labor law, criminal law, IT law, data protection law

Privacy statements

Order processing contracts

Creation of processing directories

Enforcement of data subject rights

Software license agreements

Software transfer agreements

Maintenance contracts

IT Outsourcing

Software creation contracts

General terms and conditions

Private International Law

Trademark law

Telecommunications law


Telemedia law

Trust Service Law

File sharing

Freelancer contracts

Defense against warnings under data protection law

The formal and substantive review of contracts and GTCs by the lawyer

Common mistakes in IT law and data protection

The fast-moving legal field of IT law and data protection law is also characterized by knowledge of the relevant case law. Especially with regard to the pitfalls that arise from negligent ignorance in this area lead to a high risk for software developers, consumers, startups and founders.

IT law is also characterized by a good knowledge of European case law in this area of law. Numerous proceedings land on the desk of ECJ judges due to a wide variety of harmonization regulations in this area of law.

And last but not least, the introduction of the GDPR by the European legislator showed that there is still a lot of need for clarification in this area of law.

In many relationships between contractor and client, the license conditions of the software manufacturer are too often neglected to be agreed with the customer and also contractually recorded. This results in a legal deficiency. In the worst case, this can lead to a customer being able to assert warranty claims against the manufacturer. This can lead to a license violation, civil law or criminal law consequences.

Therefore, the manufacturer should have all contracts reviewed by a lawyer in advance. Because the legal case will always amount to a multiple of the examination costs of a lawyer in the field of IT law!

Many software manufacturers or software service providers make the mistake of using standardized GTCs that are freely available on the Internet for reasons of time and cost. However, the careless use of these can lead to considerable complications in legal cases, as they are rarely adapted to the legal requirements of system houses and IT companies.

In this case, too, it is highly advisable to have your terms and conditions checked by a lawyer specializing in IT law, online law or data protection law before publishing and using them, and to have them adapted accordingly if necessary!

Criminal Law

Fields of law, labor law, criminal law, IT law, data protection law









Stolen goods


Damage to property


Revisions in criminal law

Narcotics Criminal Law

Criminal Tax Law

Criminal traffic law

Traffic offense law

Administrative offences law

Internet criminal law

Juvenile criminal law

U-detention, law of execution of sentences

Road traffic hazard

Drunkenness in traffic

Forgery of documents

Public defences

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