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Areas of law & portfolio

Legal fields

Labor law

Law of the employee and the employer, dismissal, representation in court, advisory activity in the preparation and review of employment contracts, employee migration law.

IT Law

Software license agreements, software transfer agreements, maintenance contracts, IT outsourcing, software development contracts, freelance contracts, general terms and conditions, defense against warnings.

Data protection law

Data protection declarations, Data protection declarations, data processing contracts, preparation of processing directories, enforcement of data subjects' rights, defense against data protection warnings.

Industrial property protection

Competition law, protection of secrets, advertising law, copyright law, product piracy, trademark law, patent law, employee invention law, defense against warning letters.

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About BAUMFALK Law Office

The Baumfalk Law Firm, located in Kerpen and Witten, consists of a young and dynamic team with experience from various industries, led by attorney Patrick Baumfalk. We fight with passion, heart and soul for the enforcement of your rights. In doing so, we certainly do not do an "0815 job", we treat each legal case individually. We discuss your facts in close consultation with you, our client, and work with you to find the best strategy for enforcing your claims.

Our team demonstrates a high level of expertise in the areas of employment law, IT law, data protection law, industrial property law and landlord and tenant law. We also have experience in the areas of Collection law and receivables management, financial services, automotive logistics, warehouse logistics, e-commerce, IT, real estate and start-ups. We advise you from A (like file number) to Z (like foreclosure)!

We will act for you in an advisory, planning and procedural capacity. Our valued clients include employers and employees as well as entrepreneurs and consumers. However, we do not advise you uncritically with a view to the legal success to be achieved and, above all, relevant for you, the client's cost risk.

We will work with you to develop a strategy to enforce your claims or to Defense against claims. We are not uncritical, but know: Being right and getting right are two different things. In most cases, even claims that are believed to be secure turn out to be difficult to enforce. That is why we go through the chances of success of enforcing your rights in our law office with you already in the initial consultation.

In doing so, we not only consider the legal requirements of your request, but also the economic enforcement of your claim. After all, what is the point of an expensive title if it cannot be enforced by the debtor in any way?

Your satisfaction is our goal: therefore, we are always open to constructive criticism in order to constantly improve in what we do.

100% insert for your case

We fight for your good right - every day!

We, the Baumfalk law firm, represent entrepreneurs and private individuals in labor law, IT law, data protection law and intellectual property law. We maintain a high level of specialization in technology and media law, the interfaces between employment law and IT and data protection law.

Every day we fight out of court and in court for the enforcement of your rights. Be it by writing biting pleadings to the opponent or by skillful negotiations with the opponent's representatives, courts, authorities or even the public prosecutor's office. But even if some opponents do not understand: We do not see ourselves as a settlement machine or conviction escort: we fight for you until the last instance to help you get your right. And we show that to the opponents. Every day - for your right.

As a forensically active law firm, we know exactly what is important when handling your case. We talk plain language with you. Even if it sometimes sounds hard, we fight for you with the means that the rule of law gives us. We do not shy away from litigation, even if it is unpleasant for the opponent.

And especially in the case of conflicts at the workplace, we advise you comprehensively and honestly. We review warnings, employment contracts and conduct dismissal protection proceedings for you. We fight for the preservation of your job before the labor court and also fight for a fair severance payment for you. We also write references and enforce them before the labor courts. Just contact us.

In IT and data protection law as well as in intellectual property law, we talk plain language with you: We defend against warning letters if it is worthwhile for you. If your competitors act unfairly, we warn them on your behalf, but only if you have a right to do so. And in case of doubt, we will enforce this right for you in court.

Private individuals as well as companies and start-ups are among our clients. We show commitment to your legal dispute at transparent costs and reasonable hourly rates.

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Reliable partners for your legal dispute

The team of BAUMFALK Law Office

IMG 7056cropped Baumfalk Law Office Attorney at Law for Labor Law, IT Law, Data Protection Law and Intellectual Property Law in Kerpen, Cologne and Witten

Your partner for your case

Attorney at law Patrick Baumfalk

Attorney Patrick Baumfalk is your partner for your legal dispute. Mr. Baumfalk fights for your case every day before the district courts, regional courts, labor courts, administrative courts and the social courts. Mr. Baumfalk knows the procedural rules of the game, which will lead your legal dispute to success. In doing so, Mr. Baumfalk takes time for your case and leads your legal dispute to success through good preparation and expertise.

Together with his team, consisting of research assistants and secretarial staff and specialists in claims management, we will fight for you until your claim is fully enforced against the opponent. But even if you are beset by a legal dispute, Mr. Baumfalk, attorney at law, fights for you to defend the unjustified claim.

Mr. Baumfalk studied law at the University of Cologne and completed his legal clerkship at the Regional Court of Aachen, at the Public Prosecutor's Office of Aachen and at a major law firm operating worldwide.

He does not see himself as a settlement lawyer and certainly not as a conviction accompanist. Mr. Baumfalk, who knows all the ropes, will fight for you even in out-of-court proceedings. And if a legal dispute cannot be avoided, he will work with you to develop a promising litigation strategy.

For Mr. Patrick Baumfalk, the profession of a lawyer is not just a job: Mr. Baumfalk lives and loves the profession as a hard party representative and works for your case even until the early morning hours. The strategies that Mr. Baumfalk develops are not always conventional and therefore often crowned with success.

However, Mr. Baumfalk not only writes crisp pleadings for you, but also drafts contracts: Clear words are the order of the day when advising you. Comprehensible contracts or the translation of legalese into the language of entrepreneurs and consumers are in Mr. Baumfalk's blood.

Attorney Baumfalk fights for your rights.

Team player

Office team - There for you every day!

Mr. Baumfalk is actively supported by his team in his daily work to enforce your rights. Appointments and telephone calls as well as the daily mail processing for your legal dispute are handled by his back office team. Each member of the Baumfalk Law Office has an expertise in the field assigned to him.

Thus, the team around Mr. Baumfalk is actively involved in receivables management and enforcement. Especially with regard to enforceable claims from unpaid invoices or the defense against unjustified claims of collection agencies require a long breath and a comprehensive strategy. 

Mr. Baumfalk's team provides administrative support in the settlement of your legal case by preparing correspondence with the courts and requesting important documents and files.

At the same time, important telephone calls concerning your legal case are prepared in advance by the support of the secretariat and arranged together with you, so that you are always well informed about your case. The secretariat also ensures that there are no clashes of appointments when attending court.

Correspondence with legal protection insurance companies and business offices is also handled by the secretariat. Because only if the lawyer has time for the legal examination of your case, a legal dispute can be crowned with success.

So if you should call or drop by the office in Kerpen or Witten even spontaneously, you will be received in a friendly manner by our competence team. Many questions can already be solved by a short information of the respective responsible clerk, especially when it comes to taking note of or forwarding documents.

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Lawyer for labor law in Kerpen and Witten, Patrick Baumfalk, Baumfalk Law Office

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You are welcome to contact our office in Kerpen or Witten. To do so, please use the contact form provided on this page. If you have any questions, you can also call us at our office number +492273 4068504. If you have any questions about our privacy policy, you can contact us at the following address here view 

Two locations in North Rhine-Westphalia

Visit us in Kerpen and Witten

Kerpen - Cologne - Rhineland

Main office in Kerpen-Horrem

The head office of the BAUMFALK law firm is located in Kerpen Horrem at Hauptstraße 195, 50169 Kerpen. The office hours in Kerpen are Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 10:00 to 13:00 and 14:00 to 17:00. Wednesdays and Fridays from 10:00 to 13:00.

The law office in Kerpen Horrem is within five minutes walking distance from the train station Horrem. Sufficient parking space is available in the immediate vicinity.

BAUMFALK - Law office
Mr. RA Patrick Baumfalk
Main street 195
50169 Kerpen

Witten - Bochum - Ruhr Area

Branch office in Witten

The branch office of the BAUMFALK law firm is located at Berliner Str. 4, 58452 Witten. The law office is a five-minute walk from the Witten train station and a two-minute walk from the Bahnhofstraße streetcar stop. Sufficient parking is available in the immediate vicinity, e.g. in the shopping center.

Appointments please only after consultation with the secretariat.

BAUMFALK - Law office
Mr. RA Patrick Baumfalk
Berlin Str. 4
58452 Witten