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Are you looking for competent legal support in Kerpen, Cologne or Witten? 

As an experienced law firm, we offer you a free initial assessment of your case. Whether employment law, criminal defense or general legal advice - we are at your side with our expertise. 

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Legal fields

Labor law

Labor law

As your dedicated lawyer for employment law in Kerpen, Cologne and Witten, I am at your side with extensive experience and expertise. My services include advising and representing both employees and employers in all aspects of employment law.

This includes support with dismissals, representation in court, careful drafting and review of employment contracts and advice on employee migration law. I offer you professional assistance in contesting warnings, correcting references and enforcing severance pay claims in court.

You can rely on my expertise as a lawyer to effectively protect and strengthen your rights.

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Criminal Law

As your lawyer and criminal defence lawyer specializing in criminal law in Kerpen, Cologne and Witten, I offer you comprehensive legal advice and representation in all areas of criminal law.

My service portfolio includes general criminal law, appeals in criminal law, criminal law relating to narcotics, commercial and criminal tax law as well as criminal traffic law and traffic offense law.

In addition, I am your experienced contact in the areas of misdemeanor law, internet criminal law, juvenile criminal law and public defense.

With in-depth expertise and many years of experience, I am at your side as a criminal defense lawyer to protect your rights and achieve the best possible defense for you.

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IT & Data Protection Law

As your lawyer in Kerpen, Cologne and Witten, I offer you specialized legal advice and representation in all matters of data protection law and IT law.

My services include the preparation and review of data protection declarations, order processing contracts, processing directories as well as the enforcement of data subjects' rights and the defense against data protection warnings.

Furthermore, I am your competent partner for the drafting of software license agreements, software transfer agreements, maintenance agreements, IT outsourcing, software development agreements, freelancer agreements as well as the drafting and review of general terms and conditions.

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About BAUMFALK Law Firm

In my law firm in Kerpen, Cologne and Witten, I, attorney Patrick Baumfalk, offer you comprehensive legal advice and representation. With a young, dynamic approach and experience from various industries, I am passionate, dedicated and personally committed to enforcing your rights. There is no "standard" approach with me; each case is treated individually. We work closely with you to develop a tailor-made strategy to realize your claims.

My expertise covers employment law, IT and data protection law, intellectual property law and other specialist areas such as debt collection law, receivables management, financial services, automotive and warehouse logistics, e-commerce, IT, real estate and advice for start-ups. My aim is to be at your side from the initial consultation to the final resolution of your matter.

Whether in an advisory, planning or litigation capacity, I represent a wide range of clients - from employers and employees to entrepreneurs and consumers. In doing so, I never lose sight of the legal success and the cost risk for you as a client.

Together we develop strategies, not only to enforce your claims, but also to defend against unjustified claims. I am aware that legal success and actual success can be different. That is why I assess the prospects of success and the economic feasibility of your claims with you in the initial consultation - because success in court must also be feasible in practice.

Your satisfaction is my top priority. I see constructive criticism as an opportunity to continuously improve my services and meet your needs even better.

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We fight for your good right - every day!

In my law firm, I represent both entrepreneurs and private individuals in the areas of employment law, IT law, data protection law and intellectual property law. My specialization in technology and media law as well as the interfaces between employment, IT and data protection law enables me to offer you precise and expert support.

Day in, day out, I stand up for your rights in and out of court. Whether by drafting assertive pleadings or through skillful negotiations - my goal is to achieve the best possible result for you. I do not see myself as someone who seeks hasty settlements or merely guides you through the process; I fight for your rights to the very end.

As a lawyer with forensic experience, I know the decisive factors that are important when handling your case. I communicate openly and honestly with you, even if the truth can sometimes be harsh. No trial is too challenging for me, even if it is unpleasant for the other side.

I offer comprehensive and honest advice, particularly in the area of employment law. I review warning letters and employment contracts and conduct dismissal protection proceedings. I am committed to keeping your job and, if necessary, fighting for a fair severance payment. My services also include the preparation and enforcement of employment references.

In IT and data protection law as well as in intellectual property law, I speak to you clearly and concisely. I fend off unjustified warnings and take action against unfair competition on your behalf, always with a focus on your rights and their enforcement.

My clients include private individuals, companies and start-ups. I offer commitment to your legal dispute, coupled with transparent costs and fair hourly rates.

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Reliable partners for your legal dispute

The team of the law firm

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Your partner for your case

Attorney at law Patrick Baumfalk

As your dedicated lawyer, I, Patrick Baumfalk, am your reliable partner in all legal matters. My daily work includes representation before local courts, regional courts, labor courts, administrative courts and social courts. With in-depth knowledge of the procedural rules of the game, I will lead your legal dispute to success, supported by careful preparation and my comprehensive expertise.

My team and I, consisting of academic staff, the secretariat and specialists from the claims management department, are committed to the full enforcement of your claims. Should you become involved in a legal dispute, I will be committed to defending you against unjustified claims.

I received my legal training at the University of Cologne and completed my legal clerkship at the Regional Court of Aachen as well as at the public prosecutor's office in Aachen and a major international law firm. This experience forms the foundation of my practice.

My approach goes beyond the role of a mere settlement lawyer or support during the proceedings. I am prepared to fight for you in out-of-court proceedings and will develop a tailor-made litigation strategy with you if court proceedings are unavoidable.

For me, being a lawyer is more than just a profession; it is my vocation. As your lawyer, I am prepared to work for you even at unusual times in order to achieve the best possible outcome for your case. My strategies are creative and often lead to success.

In addition to drafting concise pleadings, I am also passionate about drafting clearly understandable contracts. I attach great importance to making legal jargon understandable for entrepreneurs and consumers - a skill that is particularly important to me.

Together we fight for your rights!

Team player

Office team - There for you every day!

I am supported by a competent team in my daily work to enforce your rights. The coordination of appointments, telephone calls and the processing of daily mail for your legal dispute are efficiently handled by my back office team. Each team member brings specialized expertise to their respective area of responsibility.

My team is also involved in receivables management and enforcement proceedings to actively enforce your claims or fend off unjustified claims from debt collection agencies. This work requires patience and a strategic approach.

Administrative support in handling your legal case is also guaranteed, from preparing correspondence with the courts to requesting important documents and files. The secretariat prepares important telephone calls and coordinates them with you so that you are always well informed about the progress of your case and there are no scheduling conflicts at court appointments.

In addition, the secretariat takes care of correspondence with legal expenses insurers and offices. This organizational efficiency allows me to concentrate fully on the legal examination and processing of your case.

If you call or visit our office in Kerpen or Witten spontaneously, you will always receive a friendly welcome from my team. Many of your questions can often be clarified in the first conversation with the responsible clerk, especially when it comes to the transmission or forwarding of documents.

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Two locations in North Rhine-Westphalia

Your lawyer & criminal defense lawyer in Kerpen and Witten

Lawyer Kerpen

Kerpen Law Office

The head office of my law firm is located in Kerpen Horrem, centrally located at Hauptstraße 147, 50169 Kerpen. 

In order to offer you maximum flexibility, the opening hours of my office are from 08:00 to 20:00 on weekdays.

The office is ideally located just a five-minute walk from Horrem train station, making it easy for you to reach us by public transport. For those arriving by car, there is ample parking available in the immediate vicinity.

Lawyer Witten

Law office Witten

My branch office is centrally located in Witten, at Berliner Str. 4, 58452 Witten. The office is just a five-minute walk from Witten train station and two minutes from the Bahnhofstraße streetcar stop, making it easy to get to. There are plenty of parking facilities nearby, for example in the nearby shopping center, which will make your visit to us as pleasant as possible. 

Please arrange appointments with my office in advance to ensure that we can take enough time for your request.

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BAUMFALK - Law office
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