Action for correction of certificates

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Action for correction of certificates

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Didn't get a job reference?

1. there are many reasons why the employer does not issue a reference: Whether it is lack of knowledge and practice, lack of time or uncertainty. In small family businesses, for example, it is sometimes not even perceived that each employee has a Recsion of a job reference.

Yes! It is hard to believe.
In some cases, the employee and employer part ways in a heated dispute and the qualified job reference is then not even issued out of frustration.

Although the employer is even obliged to do so by law!

2. if the certificate is not issued after a written request, you must send a written reminder.

If the reminder to correct or prepare the certificate does not lead to anything, a letter from the lawyer can significantly increase the pressure on the employer.

If even that does nothing, there is still the possibility of a
An action for the correction of a certificate or an action for the granting of a certificate may be filed with the labor court.

In urgent cases, you can also apply for a temporary injunction. Here, however, you must be able to demonstrate that you are otherwise threatened with significant disadvantages for your further career.

The best option, however, is not to take these steps on your own, but to have a lawyer represent and advise you in this matter in a legally secure manner.

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Action for correction of certificates

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